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Egg abuse: Part 1

Now this is where the fun begins! Are you excited? Well you should be. Once you can get this part down then you could create an entire team of flawless shiny pokemon if you wanted, all within an afternoon. No more hunting through trade shops or waiting for the other person to be online so you can trade with them. Now you can can get those pokemon for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

A few things first:

-This guide is only for people who are using a Ditto and it won’t work for other breeding projects. Ditto’s are useful because they can breed with every pokemon except legendaries, however they can’t be used to pass hidden abilities -you’ll need to refer to Part 2 for that. Ditto affects things like your starting frame and therefore your shifting starting frame. Also when using ditto note that it becomes the oposite gender of the other parent. For example:

For this guide I’ll be RNGing a flawless shiny Axew. So I obtained a flawless ditto with the nature I wanted and a male Axew. Therefore for this project the ditto is considered to be female.

-If possible try to get a flawless foreign Ditto because this will increase your shiny rate, although it’s very possible to find flawless shiny seeds without one.
-Other pokemon you will need include: Chatots and a pokemon with flame body for quick egg hatching
-Egg abuse isn’t possible on Black 2 and White 2. I’ve never tried it myself but apparently it has something to do with the way the game was coded, not to mention more Timer0’s and more wondering NPC’s in the area.

1. Go to the Time Finder
2. Select the year and months you want to search. (If you are using a foreign Ditto or other pokemon then you’ll probably only need to search for one month, for regular Ditto’s you should find what you want within 2-3 months). Set the min max frame both to 8. When you are RNGing eggs the game will start on frame 1 and will automatically advance to frame 8 when you collect the egg, so no IV frame advancement will be neccessary.
3. Enter the exact IVs of both the parents. You can easilly find out a pokemon’s exact IVs by using Pokecheck (link can be found in the introduction).
4. Select everstone if you are using one and the nature you want. If not leave it as ‘none.’
5. Select the IVs you want.
6. Select the nature, ability and gender you want. Leave the dream world ability box blank and tick the box for shiny only. Now hit generate.

Egg -1

7. Put the parents in the day care and ride your bike around for a bit, until the old man calls you. Save infront of him and turn off the game.
8. Right click on the seed and press copy and paste onto clipboard.
9. In the method box select breeding (BW, international) if you are using a foreign-language Ditto or breeding (BW) if you are using a regular Ditto.
10. Select the Everstone nature if neccessary and paste the seed.
11. Select the box for Ditto leaving the others blank, and press calculate initial PIDRNG frame.

Egg -2

12. Hit the seed and find your shifting starting frame (for me that’s usually within 4-5 frames above the starting frame).
13. Subtract this from your frame in the time finder.
14. Listen to your chatots.
15. Stop one frame before the one your aiming for. Congratulations! You just RNGed your first shiny flawless baby pokemon!

Check our my blog next Sunday for Part 2 on egg abuse to find out how to RNG shiny flawless pokemon with dream world abilities.


Wild abuse

The site refused to work for me last weekend, I dunno why. Anyway here I am with a new guide.

Wild abuse is useful because when you start to do egg abuse, you will often find that you need to RNG a wild pokemon in order to get good breeding parents (more on that later). When I originally started this blog I intended to show you how to RNG a shiny flawless ditto, however since I haven’t been able to find a good seed for that yet, I will instead show you how to RNG a shiny flawless wild Cottonee. Don’t laugh, it’s good for in-game teams at least… btw remember to have a pokemon which knows the move sweet scent, like I mentioned in the introduction.

1. Go to the timefinder. Select the year and months you want to search. In the min/max box enter “1.”
2. For the method select “IVs Standard Seed” and in the encounter type select “Wild.” This is for all general wild encounters. Although sometimes you will need to be a bit more specific -if you click on the drop down box you will notice that there are other options like “wild pokemon (swarm).” Just choose whatever seems appropriate to you.

Wild -1

3. In the encounter slot select the slots that generate your pokemon. To find out which slots that is go to the main window and, looking near the top of the window, click on 5th gen and from the drop down box select the version encounter table you need.

Wild -2

4. The table consists of a list of all the locations in the game and columns with various pokemon in it. Look for the location that you pokemon will appear in and then write down the number which appears on the top of each column. For example I’m gonna RNG my Cotonee in Lostlorn Forest which means that I have to select encounter slot 0, 2, 8 & 10. The numbers next to the pokemon simply indicate what level the pokemon will be when you catch it -so you don’t need to make a note of that.

Wild -3

5. Go back to the time finder and select those encounter slots, leaving the others blank.

Wild -4

Wild -5

6. Select the IVs you want.
7. Select the nature, ability, synchronize, gender and ratio of your pokemon. Since this is a wild encounter you will probably have to increase the max shiny advances box, just enter a value that you’re comfortable with. (Remember though, the higher it is the more chatots you will have to listen to.) Tick the shiny box and then hit “generate.”
8. Prepare in game by saving at the neccessary spot. If there’s a sandstorm or a fog etc then you will have to remove it as it randomnly advances the PID frames. To do this save in the area and using the DS menu change the date so it’s the next month. Go back into the game and encounter a pokemon, it doesn’t matter which one. After the battle the sandstorm etc will be gone -save the game again and proceed as usual.
9. Right click and press copy seed onto clip board. In the method box select Gen 5 PIDRNG, in the encounter type select Wild, set synchronize, past the seed in the seed (hex) box and then click on find Initial PIDRNG frame.

Wild -6

10. Hit your seed and then advance using chatots.
11. Stop one frame before the frame you’re aiming for.
12. Use the move sweet scent. Congratulations you just RNGed your first wild pokemon.

Check out my blog next Sunday to learn how to RNG eggs.

Wondercard abuse

So you have a bunch of unused wondercards and now you’re confident enough to try and get that flawless Genesect or whatever. Well this is fairly easy to do.

However there’s a few things I should clarify first. There’s actually two types of events: Wondercard and GLAN. Wondercard is for any event you get from the delivery man at the pokemon center while GLAN events refer to gender locked any nature events.

Also, the IVs will be listed on the main window as well as in the time finder. Each frame will have a different set of IVs -so make sure you use the Pokedex IV-checker when you recieve your wondercard just in case you made a minor mistake.

Note: I used Black 2 for this guide but the process is exactly the same as BW1. Just fill out the yellow boxes as usual but don’t tick the Black White 2 box on the main window.

1. Click on the Time Finder and select the year and months you want to search. In the min/max advances enter 55_ and 60_. For the method select “wondercard.”
2. Select the IVs you want.
3. Select the nature you want and hit “generate.”

Wondercard -1

4. Prepare in-game. Since this is wondercard abuse it’s best to save at Castelia City since there’s no wondering NPCs there. Like stationary and gift abuse you need to save right in front of the guy standing near the door of the pokemon center.
5. Right click and select “copy seed to clipboard.” Go to the main window and select “Wondercard (5th Gen).” Post seed, and click on “Calculate Initial PIDRNG frame.” Now hit “generate.”

Wondercard -2

6. Subtract the Initial PIDRNG frame from the frame in your time finder.
7. Without callibrating, chatot the difference.
8. Stop one frame before the one you were aiming for and collect your wondercard pokemon. Congratulations you have a flawless wondercard pokemon!

Check out my blog next Sunday to learn how to do wild abuse.

Gift abuse

Gift abuse is a lot like stationary abuse, you just save in front of the character who gives you the gift and then recieve it. For this guide I’ll show you how to RNG a shiny, flawless Pansear which you get in the Dreamyard just before your first gym battle.

1. Go to the Time Finder.
2. Select the year and month you want to search. In the min/max box enter “1.” In the method box select “IVs (Standard Seed)”, in the encounter type select “Gift” and leave the encounter slot as “any.”
3. Enter the IVs you want.
4. Select the nature you want, the ability and gender of the pokemon. There’s a few things I should explain here:

-If you look at the top of the columns you’ll see Ability which most of the time will have the value “0” or “1.” To find out which ability is the one you want go to the Pokedex IV Checker, select the pokemon you want to RNG and look at what it says in the base stats column. If your pokemon only has one ability, like Pansear, then leave the ability as “any.”

Gift -2

-Moving on, you’ll see a list of columns labeled “50% F,” “12% F,” “25% F” and “75% F.” As you probably already know some pokemon have what we call gender ratios. So depending on what the ratio is of your pokemon, if it has a 50% chance of being either male or female and in the 50% F column it says M then you guessed it the pokemon on that frame will be male. Since I’m not really a fan of Pansear I didn’t bother specifying which gender I wanted.

Leave the max shiny advances with the default “300_” and tick the search for nearby shiny frames box. Now hit “Generate.”

Gift -1

5. Save infront of the person who gives you the gift.
6. Once you have a seed, right click and select “copy seed to clipboard.” Go to the main window, select “Gen5 PIDRNG” then in the encounter box select “Gift,” leave the synchronize box as “none,” paste seed in the seed (hex) box and select “Calculate initial PIDRNG frame.”

Gift -3

7. Hit your seed. If you’re trying to get your elemental monkey then you’ll find that your person will move around a bit -there’s nothing you can do about this. Just hit your seed as usual, run in the same direction as your person and press “x” once you’re standing right infront of them. Recieve the gift, check IVs and write down the nature and gender of the pokemon.
8. Hit your seed again and calibrate at least another two times to find your shifted starting frame.
9. Subtract your shifted starting frame from the shiny frame box and listen to your chatots.
10. Stop one frame before the one you’re aiming for and recieve your gift. Congratulations you just RNGed your first shiny gift pokemon!

Check out my blog next Sunday to learn how to RNG a flawless wondercard pokemon.

Stationary abuse

Since this guide is meant for beginners I’ll start by showing you how to RNG stationary pokemon, which include all pokemon that can only be caught by going to their specific area and battling them. In BW this mainly includes in-game legendaries and a few other pokemon such as Volcarona, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Landorus and Kyurem.

Unfortunately Reshiram and Zekrom have shiny checks which mean that they can’t be shiny. So for this section I’ll show you how to RNG a shiny flawless Cobalion, which can be encountered fairly early in the game and on top of that is in an area with no wondering non player characters.

I should probably mention that there’s actually two types of RNG. The first one is IVRNG which exclusively determines IVs. The second one is called the PIDRNG which determines things like nature, ability, gender and shinyness. Shinyness in case your wondering, is indicated by !!!.

So let’s get started!

1. Go to the main window and click on “Time Finder.”

Stationary -1

2. Select the year and month you want to search. By clicking on the tab for the months you can select to search multiple months at a time. In the min/max box enter “1.” For the method select “IVs (Standard Seed)” and in the encounter type box select “Stationary Pokemon.” Leave the encounter slot as “any” since that’s for wild abuse.
3. Select the IVs you want. The highest IV for any stat is 31 but there’s a few options here.

==31 will mean that stat will be 31
==30 will mean that stat will be 30
>=30 will mean that stat will be less than 30

What you enter depends on what you want to use your pokemon for. For instance if you are going for a physical spread then you would want to enter ==31 for every stat exept special attack which should be ==30. However if you want your pokemon to have a certain hidden power, which is determined by IVs, then you would select those specific IVs. For instance I wanted my Cobalion to have HP Ice 70 which has the following IVs 31|30|30|31|31|31| so I entered the IVs in the time finder in that order. To find out how to get certain hidden power types you will need to use the following hidden power calculator -just enter the hidden power type you want, and in the attack power box enter ’70’ and the calculator will do the rest:

4. Select the nature you want, leave the ability and ratios as “any” and tick the box for “search for nearby shiny frame.” The default “300_” is fine for this. Now hit “Generate.”

Stationary -2

5. It will probably take a while to find the seed you want to use so you should prepare in-game. Save in front of your stationary with your synchronizer and chatot’s (which should be next to each other so you can just flip between them).
6. You should now have some results -if not change the year and if that doesn’t work you may have to try a different IV spread. Anyway once you have a result right click on the seed and from the drop down box, click “copy seed to clipboard.”
7. From the main window, select “Gen5 PIDRNG,” and continuing down select “Stationary” again, set the nature if you selected synchronize earlier and then in the Seed (hex) box post the seed you found earlier. Now, on the
far right click “Calculate Initial PIDRNG Frame.”

Stationary -3

8. Ignore the confusing frames etc and move back to the time finder.
9. Hit the time it says on your seed, remembering to start the game 1 second earlier or whatever your offset is. Hold keypresses if neccessary during the first few screens while loading the game, don’t turn on the C-gear and mash “x” until the season goes away.

Stationary -4

10. Depending on whether there are wondering NPC in your area you may need to calibrate to find your starting shifting frame. This is relatively simple. Just hit your time, catch the pokemon, determine it’s IVs and write down the nature you got. Then you should do this a second time, but this time listen to one chatot befor catching the stationary. You should now have a different nature. To be accurate it’s best to do this a third time, but this time listen to two chatots. Again the nature will be different. Three times should be more than enough to work out a pattern but you can do it a few more times if neccessary, just remember to add extra chatots.
11. Now you need to go back to the main window and look through the list of natures. If you’re in an area where there’s no wondering NPCs then the natures you wrote down earlier will be at the top, hopefully in the exact order that you wrote down. However if you’re in an area where there is a wondering NPC then you will need to look a bit further down the list of natures on the screen until you find the ones you wrote down. From my experience the Shifting Starting Frame tends to be anywhere between 20-30 frames higher than the frame in the Starting Frame box. Write down the frame number for the first stationary you got.
12. Now you need to subtract this from the value in the shiny frame box. This determines how many chatots you will have to listen to.

Stationary -5

13. Hit your seed again and listen to your chatot’s. Whilst you’re doing this you’ll probably notice that the sound the chatot’s make vary. If you look closely at the main window you will see something which looks like this:

High (92)
Low (12)
Mid (51)
High (85)
High (84)

This probably looks like nonsence, but it’s actually very useful because you can use this to check to make sure that you hit your seed befor you catch the stationary and to keep track of what frame you’re currently on. At first it’s probably best to just try and tell the low frames apart from the others because it’s the easiest, but as you become more experienced you should be able to easilly identify the different chatot pitches. The numbers in brackets indicate how high or low that chatot pitch is. Since you’re new at this you should probably scroll down the list of frames as you advance the frames, that way you won’t miss the one you wanted.
14. Stop one frame befor the frame you’re aiming for because engaging in a battle with your stationary automatically advances the PIDRNG frame.
15. Catch the pokemon, check IVs and if every matches the criteria you set save the game. Congratulations you just RNGed your first shiny flawless stationary!

Check out my blog next Sunday to learn how to RNG gift pokemon!

Finding your parameters

Your parameters are unique to your system -which is why they stay the same when you restart your file. Finding your parameters is essential when you want to RNG. Once you know your parameters and enter them into the RNG reporter, then the RNG reporter can use those parameters to find suitable seeds based on the criteria you provide. This is probably the worst part of RNG though as it’s long and tedious but the good news is that once you do it then you shouldn’t have to do it again.

1. Save in a place where there’s no NPCs with your sweet scent pokemon. If you have beaten the game then the last cave just before the Elite 4 works best for this since the pokemon there are already high-levelled. However other places like Lostlorn Forest works as well.
2. Turn the game off.
3. Open the RNG Reporter and select “DS Parameters Search.” (If you want you can click on the images below to make them bigger).

Parameters -1

4. Look to the left of the window and you should see the current date and three empty boxes labeled “hour, minute and seconds.” In the “hour” and “minute” box, put in any time you like, using the 24-hour clock times and in the seconds box put in 25. On the right, enter the game version you are using and your system information.

Parameters -2

5. Now using your DS lite, go to the menu and change the time to the time you entered in the DS Parameters Search.

Parameters -3

6. Turn the DS lite off and back on again but don’t load the game just yet. Instead, you need to wait until the seconds hand on the DS clock (see top screen) reaches 25 seconds. Then you can load the game.
7. Don’t touch any buttons. You have to wait until the first three screens to appear and then disappear which is something like, a white screen followed by two black screens. As soon as the star appears you can start pressing “a.” Personally, I prefer to wait until after the star explodes but this isn’t neccessary.

Parameters -4

Parameters -5

Parameters -6

8. Don’t turn on the C-gear.
9. Mash “x” until the season goes away and quickly go to your party and use the move Sweet Scent.
10. Catch the pokemon and determine it’s IVs. The easiest way to do this is simply to go back to the Main Window of the RNG reporter, look up to the top bar where you’ll find a tab labeled, “Pokedex-IV Checker.” Click on that and then look at your pokemon’s stats. The stats will appear on the top screen of the DS lite and will be written in the following order HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed and each will have a different value. Enter the values in the appropriate fields in the Pokedex-IV Checker and click “Check IVs.”

Parameters -7

Parameters -8

11. The Pokedex-IV Checker will then give you a IV-range, found in the space below the stats. Now you need to enter the min and max IV-range into the DS Parameter Finder. Then click “Search.”

Parameters -9

Parameters -10

12. The results will look like nonsense. Ignore everything except the Actual Seconds and the Timer0. Make sure you write that down somewhere.

Parameters -11

What does this mean?

The results depend on the system you’re using, for instance I use a DSlite for RNG which is similar to a DS and a DSi. In the screenshot above it says that my Actual Seconds is 26. This means that when I pressed “a” to load the game at 17:00:25 it took the game 1 second to load.

Therefore when you finally start to RNG for real you will need to take the result you got into consideration and adjust whatever time the RNG reporter gives you, specifically the target seconds. For instance if you’re using a DS lite and the Time Finder says you have to hit 10:22:52 then you would have to load the game at 10:22:51, because of your 1 second offset.

If you have a 3DS/3DS XL the process is basically the same, except that you will have an 8 second offset. However one result isn’t enough which brings us to the calibration stage.


The purpose of the calibration stage is to find out your most common Timer0. So reset the DS clock back to the time you used earlier and go through steps 1-12 again. You should do this about ten times for accurate results. Throughout the calibration stage you will probably find that you keep running into the same pokemon. This is a good thing because it means that you are doing everything right. However don’t freak out if you get a different pokemon. That probably just means that you found a different Timer0 and you’ll need to write this down as well.

Once you’ve determined your most common Timer0 select “send results to profile.” Then fill out the required information and click “OK.” Make sure you save the profile otherwise it will delete itself -just go to the top bar and click “file” and then “save” like a normal document.

Parameters -12

And that’s it -the boring stuff is over. If you want you can go back into the profile section later and add keypresses and such, which you probably should because this will help widen search results but for now just leave it like it is.

Check out my blog next Sunday to learn how to RNG shiny flawless legendaries!



Hi guys and welcome to my blog, How to RNG in BW.

What is RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator and is used in Pokemon games to determine apparently random things, such as the movements of wondering non-player characters, items you can get from certain characters and most importantly concepts such as natures, abilities and IVs. Throughout this blog I’ll teach you how to RNG for competitively viable pokemon, including shiny pokemon.

I like dragon pokemon…

Warning: learning how to RNG is a time consuming task -so don’t expect to learn this stuff overnight. However once you know what you’re doing you can practically get what you want within like 5 mins.

What do I need?

  • Any DS system
  • A copy of either Black or White
  • Your MAC Address:

To find this, turn on your game but instead going into the game world, scroll down the list of options until you see “Nintendo WFC Settings.” Click on this, and from there fo to “Options” and then click on “System Information” which should then display your MAC Address. Make sure you write this down somewhere.

Introduction -1

Introduction -2

Introduction -3

  • Your Secret ID if you want to RNG a shiny pokemon

To find this, catch any pokemon in the game and then go to the following website:

Follow the instructions there and upload the pokemon you caught. Just to clarify things, it can be any pokemon at all, shiny or not, as long as you caught it from the game you want to RNG in. Then all you need to do is look at the pokemon’s details on the site which will include your SID. You should also write this down somewhere.

  • A pokemon with the move sweet scent such as Foongus or Amoongus
  • A Chatot with a custom chatter
  • Pokeballs
  • Repels
  • The RNG Reporter (Windows only) or PPRNG (MAC) which can be downloaded here:

Please note that I will be using the RNG Reporter in this guide so Mac users will need to refer to a different guide.

  • An external clock like EonTimer which can be downloaded here:

Things you don’t need but are useful anyway:

  • A pokemon with the ability synchronize such as Munna or Elgyem

I highly recommend catching a bunch of synchronizers with a beneficial nature (excluding hardy, docile, serious, bashful and quirky) because this will save you time later on.

  • A pokemon which knows the move false swipe such as Leavanny

Then once you have everything you need the first thing you have to do is find your parameters. Check out my blog next Sunday to learn how!